what is faith?

i know that my posting links to jeff keese’s articles is probably getting old. they’re just too darn good though.

his latest offering is here

so what is faith? honestly, i don’t know if i can pin it down just yet. i know it’s not just something that resides in my intellect and i know it’s not an emotional response. maybe faith sits somewhere in between my mind and my heart. when my knowledge of God and His ways fails me, i have to rely on my feelings for Him and His for me. when my emotions betray be, i have the knowledge of His promises to break my fall. i may not be able to define my faith yet, but at least i’m on a journey of faith. and most often, journeys teach us things that destinations never could.

ask yourself, “what is my faith all about?” if you don’t come up with a clear answer, don’t get frustrated, just keep thinking.

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