what is our perspective of scripture?

What is our perspective of Scripture?

Do we see it as a legal document – framed in such a way as to spell out reward and punishment – a sort of code, explaining how to escape eternal judgment?

Do we see it as a plan of salvation – a step by step process that gives us eternal life but immediate oppression?

Do we see it as a fable – an outdated fairy tale written by superstitious people oh so long ago who understood so little and made up stories to fill in the gaps?

Or do we see it as a story –
a story about God,
about humanity,
about us.

I believe the words of God are living,
alive –
that this story which began as God spoke a world into existence continues today,

I believe God’s words aren’t
a list of rules
or a contract
or an irrelevant tale,
but a story of love –
a story about a relationship
between a creative God
and his creation,
a story that is

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