would anyone really notice?

If we weren’t here
would anyone really notice?

If our city set on a hill became overgrown with trees and vines, would it change the way people thought in the valley?

Is the measure of our effectiveness
bodies in pews
successful programs
comfortable budgets?

Or do we measure success
one person at a time?

If we weren’t here,
would anyone really notice?

Would they feel a bit less condemned
a little more respected?

If we weren’t here
would people miss
our television preachers?
our moral majority?

Is it possible that people be able to see God a little more clearly
if it weren’t for his followers?

Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.

2 Replies to “would anyone really notice?”

  1. jeff, i just wanted to say that its nice that there are people like you who still think. I mean you’re probably one of the smartest people that I am aware of.

    anyways, i enjoyed your thought / post.

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