dark side

so there’s a contest with the theme of “the dark side”… since i’m a rather uncreative person, i have about one idea of what to do. while i don’t really want to enter a picture of myself, i thought it would be a good idea to get the lighting down before calling in the professionals to pose for me, so i ended up playing around for an hour and a half or so with various shots, trying to find out what worked.

here are some samples, comments appreciated…

gallery available here

umbrella factory pics / on the way back

this will probably be my final update from thailand. my time here has been wonderful, and i’m sad to leave. the wonderful people in all the places i’ve visited have been an inspiration to me, and have reminded me that my true passion is ministering in the lives of others.

one final set of pictures are going up right now here.

i didn’t get to go to the coffee shop in chiang mai (or do much else that we had planned on tuesday) but it did give me several ideas for some future pics, as well as a couple in the here and now with becca’s camera.

anyway, hope to update more in the next few days.

english camp pictures

pictures from english camp are up online. since i had 60 something pictures i decided to use postcardviewer instead of simpleviewer. i may stick them up in simpleviewer at some point, but for now i’m going to leave them there. anyway, mostly people pictures.

check out the pics here

hopefully tomorrow we’ll be going to a coffee shop that has some cool photo ops… we’ll see how that pans out. will be a busy day before we head back to bangkok.

more macro

so after visiting houston camera exchange and being convinced that i don’t want to do lens reversal but rather to use extension tubes, i was also convinced to go ahead and buy a cheap vivitar 100mm macro lens. unfortunately it’s manual focus, which means that it doesn’t meter on my camera and therefore i have to do a lot of exposure guessing, but in some preliminary results it seems to take pictures that are every bit as good as my sigma – probably even a little sharper.

here’s four i took just after getting it: full res versions
keep in mind that these are handheld and at twilight.