canada, part 6 – the conclusion

our final day in canada was saturday, which we spent hanging around toronto. our first order of business was to see the CN tower, which none of us felt inclined to pay 20 dollars to ride to the top of. after that, we hiked to the eaton center, and split up from there. katie and i travelled back to union station, where we got these shots:

afterward, we met up with a large portion of the group for the best gyros on the planet. out of the chester subway station, we went in search of greek food. we detoured to a tim horton’s where we were the only english speakers in the whole place, save the people behind the counter in order to kill time waiting for the restaurants to open. our patience was rewarded by magnificient greek food at alexandro’s, home of certainly the best gyro and souvlaki i’ve ever eaten. after that, we headed back out to the airport and were on our way home.

Thanks to delays and such, we finally returned to College Station at around 1:15 am, with a little assistance from Starbucks and NPR’s Most Emailed Stories.

it was a fantastic trip, and hopefully a blessing to all. at some point i’ll attempt to post a compendium of pictures from the trip and post the link here.

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