civilization 4 intro music lyrics

listening to the opening menu music tonight for the civilization 4, i noticed that there were a few phrases that i thought sounded vaguely familiar. any time i hear music that’s in another language i try to see if i can at least pick up what language it is, and this definitely sounded like swahili. at first the only phrase i could pick up was “baba yetu” (our father), but soon i caught “mbinguni” (heaven) and “amina” (amen), and “jina lake” (your name).

i assumed that it was probably some old tribal song that i’d never heard, but that someone dug up for the opening credits for the game. then again, all of those words do, in fact, appear in some language i’m familiar with… “our father in heaven, holy is your name…” grabbing my trusty habari njema kwa watu wote, i opened up to matthew 6:

baba yetu uliye mbinguni
jina lako litukuzwe.
Ufalme wako ufike,
Utakalo lifankyike
duniani kama mbinguni
Utepe leo chakula chetu tunachohitaji.
utusamehe makosa yetu
kama nasi tunavyowasamehe waliotukosea
usitutie katika majaribuni,
lakini utuokoe na yule Mwovu.

our father in heaven,
your name – may it be exalted.
your kingdom come
your work be done
on the earth, like in heaven.
give us today our food that we need.
and forgive us our mistakes
in the same way we forgive those who wrong us.
and do not carry us into trials,
but deliver us from the evil one.

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  1. Isn’t it fascinating how things like this just keep popping up? I haven’t got Civ 4 and I’m wondering whether they are using an existing song; is there anything on the credits? I kind of collect Lord’s prayer stuff for use in retreats and workshops. I’ve put a link to this post at
    where I’b building up a set of resources for people to use with praying the Lord’s prayer.

  2. the song was recorded by Stanford’s music group Talisman. a google search will turn up their website as well as their cd’s.

    thanks for your interest!

  3. I was wondering why was the loading screen music so familiar. I still don’t know what is it, but maybe someone can help me out.

    I first thought that it’s a “remixed” version of Back To The Future’s certain track, but then i clearly remembered the lead to be MIDI style in the past. Maybe it was Microprose’s logo music (The publisher for the first Civilization…)….?

    Anyone? 🙂

  4. my assumption would be that the name of the song would be “baba yetu” – our father in swahili. i’m not sure about your question flatline…

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