it’s better

u2 concert tonight. wonderful time.

for me the moment that stood out the most was a somewhat silly story. as the edge started playing the intro to the song “miracle drug”, bono began to tell a joking story.

“the edge is not from this planet,” he started. he continued, and recalled “meeting” him in the late 70’s in dublin.

“his spaceship landed and this creature came out.

‘who are you’, larry asked him.

‘i’m the edge.’

‘where do you come from,’ asked adam clayton.

‘i come from the future.’

so i asked him, ‘how is that?’

he replied, ‘it’s better.'”

while slightly silly, it was a story of hope. the hope and reason that each of us is here – that we are all working for a better future. often times it’s easy to say that the world is in a decline and that everything is falling apart, but the hope we have is that the future is a better place – even though we can’t see it.

though there is injustice now, though there is suffering now, though often times things seem to be getting worse and worse, i believe in a better future.

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