Lemons – Update 2

016 - _DSC3261

One of the louder and more annoying cars of the weekend…

017 - _DSC3279

The Baja Bug was one of the cars we could pass on the track.

018 - _DSC3302

Pace car? Try pace bus.

020 - _DSC3318

A 2002 Mini Cooper for $500 bucks? The judges didn’t think so either, and gave them 1355 penalty laps.

021 - _DSC3374

The Gremlin, in one of its rare track appearances.

022 - _DSC3383

This guy didn’t make it until the drop of the green flag before breaking down.

023 - _DSC3422

This guy didn’t even make it on the track.

024 - _DSC3407

Leading in the corner.  Yeah, that roll is normal.

027 - _DSC3487

Look at it go!

028 - _DSC7945

Plenty of questionable driving during the weekend. I’ll be honest – this guy locked up the breaks every lap.

029 - _DSC7959

Don’t laugh at the old BMW.  It was fast.  Really fast.

030 - _DSC7975

Watching the cars come down the front straight.

031 - _DSC3508

See that motion blur?

032 - _DSC8027

Yeah… who says these cars are slow?

033 - _DSC3527

Fueling and driver changes.

034 - _DSC8036

Might give you an idea of how much the car is worth…

035 - _DSC3533

The Gremlin was black flagged for being too slow…

036 - _DSC8041

You do not want to see a puddle under your car.

037 - _DSC8042

You don’t want to see grass in your grill either.

038 - _DSC8046

What have we here?

039 - _DSC3551


040 - _DSC3555

Really hot.

041 - _DSC8054

Yeah… I want one.

042 - _DSC3558

Towing is earth friendly? Really?

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