my journey – part 28

“A man with leprosy came to him
and begged him
on his knees,

‘If you are willing,
you can
make me clean.’”

What an attitude!

To come before Christ in humility,
knowing his position,
knowing that the decision was Christ’s,
knowing the Savior’s power to cleanse.

He demanded nothing,
But received everything.

And when I come before God in my pride,
thinking I am good,
thinking that I have control,
thinking that I am holy because of me.

I demand much,
And receive nothing.

So often we come to Christ expecting to be healed. Christ commands us to come knowing in faith that he can heal us, but sometimes we take this a few steps too far and feel that we are entitled to his healing, rather than receiving it as an act of grace – unmerited favor.

The fact is that each of us comes to Christ empty and broken. Some of us have tried to glue parts of the pieces of our lives together, but none of us come as whole people. We come helpless, missing the very thing Christ offers – Himself.

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