my journey – part 29

he asked,

“what must I do
to inherit eternal life?”

I’ve known people who ask this question. They ask because they want to know – to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are fine, that their passport is stamped and their ticket is punched. What do I have to do, in order to guarantee that my reservation is secure?

Jesus’ answer is remarkably simple:

Love God with everything.
Love men like you would love yourself.

So simple.
So complicated.

And we say we love God.
And we say we love men.

And still we ask.
And still we ask.

There is a paradox in our Christian walk that renders our journey both simple and complex simulteneously.

The commands of Jesus can be boiled down into four words: Love God. Love others. Though amazingly simple concepts, they become exceedingly complicated when we try to put them into practice.

While a rather simple set of “rules” and “guidelines” govern how relationships and love work, any of us who interact with people know that there’s no formula that accurately describes a relationship with a person – you can read a 10 step book to making a friend, but it isn’t going to describe every situation you might encounter, nor will it have the “answers” to how to make every person like you.

As we encounter God, it is not with a rulebook or with a score card, but in relationship – a relationship where our call is to honor the heart of the Living God.

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