my journey – part 4

“Unless you become like little children…”

I was around children once.

Two hundred-fifty children, and twelve of us.

Children scream
Children whine
Children cry
Children complain.

They ask stupid questions.
They pester and bother you, and wonder why you get frustrated.

They do stupid things.
They push the limit until they go too far, then say they didn’t mean it.

They hang onto you.
They hug you and squeeze you, and never want to let go.

Many times I fear asking stupid questions.
Many times I fear doing stupid things.

But my God tells me that it’s ok,
and holds me in His arms,

and never lets go.

i was on a weekend trip – twelve of us babysitting 250 children from third to sixth grade. it was a nightmare waiting to happen.

after spending one of the longest weekends of my life, i was struck at how i must look to God – an annoying whiny kid who does stupid things and pushes buttons until i go too far. and in that, i’m glad that God is infinitely more patient than I am.

may we draw close to the loving father who wraps us tenderly in his arms – and never lets go.

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