my journey – part 5


What does it mean?

Does it simply mean not dead?

It can be described as biological processes and chemical reactions.

It can be defined as heartbeats and breath rates.

It can be imagined as electrical impulses and firing neurons.

But I believe there is part of life that can’t be defined,

something that sets
people who are alive
from those who are walking dead.

“I am the bread of life…”

What does it mean to be alive?

I think it is realizing that the Bread of Life is walking with you,

believing the Living Word can comfort you,

knowing the reason for life is the Savior,

and hoping for the day you will live with Him forever.

this was, i think, one of my first realizations that there is some difference between those who are in Christian culture who are just going through the motions and those who have a life to them. it’s so easy in our modern day context to have people who show up and want to feel like good people, but never partake of the abundant life that Christ allows us to have. there are many people who sound religious, but aren’t really Godly.

the reality is that there is something more to Christian life than church attendance or ritual sacrifice. there’s something more than knowing how to pray or studying the bible… there is a life that exceeds those things. life that’s important and sadly too rare in our churches today.

may you find today the abundant life of Christ, and may it transform you in all you do.

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