a child

a child
her eyes wide
with eager anticipation

May you await the working of Christ in your life with such eyes

May you see with wonder
the hand of God
moving in you
and through you.

marin and james

so my friends are now married 🙂 here’s their wedding “blessing”

A love,
selfless, transforming,
shown to each other,
Christ’s actions embodied in your lives.

A covenant,
between you and God,
the eternal promise given here
declared for all –
may you honor each other
in the keeping of your hearts.

A song,
the melody of God,
played in your hearts,
displayed in your lives –
full of both joy and sadness,
may you sing his praise
in your daily worship.

A Spirit,
God dwelling in you,
empowering you to serve
with His hands,
the fulfillment of the command of Christ,
washing the feet of those around you.

A flame,
the fire of Christ
consuming your hearts
burning bright embers
to kindle the hearts of others,
flames to ignite.

A path,
unknown and uncertain,
the mystery of God
waiting to be revealed
in your lives.

Two lives,
joined together

One love,
One covenant.
One song,
One Spirit,
One flame,
One path,
One life:
with God.

may you walk in the light you have

to you who live in a world
filled with darkness

may you walk in the light you have
yearning for understanding
questioning truth.

may you be drawn
to the one
who is all
and truth
finding both
in his presence.

may your life be a blessing

may your life be a blessing
to countless people
known and unknown
seen and unseen.

May you walk with purpose
each step guided by the light of God
illuminating your path.

May God shower you with endless blessings –
family, friends live,
hardship, struggle, pain,
peace, love, joy –
each a perfect gift from Him.

May he use you in each moment.
May you be an instrument of reconciliation in His hand
May you constantly reside in the splendor of his Glorious plan for your life.
May you trust in his provision both in good times and bad.

May your journey take you to places
strange and wonderful –
places where you shine brightly
by loving extravagantly.

May you return often
to mileposts in your life –
God’s reminders of your journey –
blessings in uncertain times.

And may the hand of God
cover and protect you
all the days of your life

until you find everlasting rest
in His grasp.

may you walk an uncertain road

may you walk an uncertain road,
drawn by Christ into a place
of confusion and pain,
administering justice,
giving mercy,
showing love.

may you journey
not only with those who serve you,
but those who need you,
hurting lives,
in need of comfort
and hope.

may you see Christ
in the darkest places,
that the light shines in the darkness,
and darkness can not overcome it.

as you stand expectantly

As you stand expectantly in the darkest night,
awaiting the dawning of a glorious morn,
God’s light breaking over the world,
may you be filled with strength,
knowing that in your time of doubt and uncertainty
Jesus stands at your side,
ready to light the way,
to carry you from darkness
into the eternal sunshine of your new home,
never ending life in Glory.

may you walk in constant joy

May you walk in constant joy
Though your path be rough and steep
Though it be smooth and easy
Though none go with you
Though you travel with strong companions.

May you exist in joy from step to step
day to day
hour to hour
minute to minute

and be continually filled with the assurance
that the source of all joy
is found in Christ alone.

may you testify

In living
may you testify of a God who lives.

In loving
may you testify of a God who loves.

In serving
may you testify of a God who serves.

In sorrow
may you testify of a God who weeps.

In forgiveness
may you testify of a God who forgives.

In suffering
may you testify of a God who suffered.

In victory
may you testify of a triumphant Savior
overcomer of death
eternally victorious
ruler without end.

though it cost all you have

May you walk humbled from this place
into a dark, hurting world.

May you shine brightly
though it place you in darkness.

May you love deeply
though it return only pain.

May you give of yourself
though it cost you all you have.

And may you rest
satisfied at last

darkness vanquished
pain healed
costs repaid

secure at last
in life that has no end.

come and drink

you who hunger
who thirst

the promise of God:

Come and drink –
even if you have no money!
Come, take your choice
of wine or milk –
it’s all free!

The water I give
takes away thirst altogether.

Why spend your money
on food that does not give you strength?
Why pay for food
that does you no good?

I am the bread of life.
No one who comes to me
will ever be hungry again.