Boone, NC

We were in Boone, NC this weekend for a good friend’s wedding, and our hotel happened to have an incredible selection of flowers on the grounds. Perfect time to play with the Olympus and see how it handles with the 60mm macro.


Ok, so it’s been a month, but I went and visited James and Marin in Tucson. For those of you who don’t know, it never rains in Tucson. Ok, well, almost never. And there’s no humidity in Tucson. Which is to say, it’s one of the premier places in the world to store airplanes if you’re not going to fly them – in fact, the U.S. Government has a few parked there.

From a practical level, this means that one of the top air museums in the country is located in Tucson – the Pima air museum. This is a place my father would go and fill up a few 32GB memory cards. It’s a place I went and took about 60 pictures. But here are 5 of them.

More Panasonic 35-100 2.8

After playing a bit with the 35-100, it’s certainly a nice addition to the kit. Quite sharp under good circumstances, the only nitpicks I would have center around the minimum focus distance, which is a bit too far for taking pictures of dachshunds. Still works reasonably well though. All in all, excited to be able to carry a very good ILC with two f2.8 zooms and a macro for less weight than my 70-200 f2.8.