if we were as diligent…

All perfection in this life has some imperfection mixed with it, and all speculative thought involves a certain amount of fuzziness. A humble knowledge of yourself is a surer way to God than any deep scientific inquiry.

Neither learning in general nor knowledge of even simple things ought to be condemned, since they are something good in themselves and ordained by God; but a good conscience and a virtuous life are always to be preferred. Because many people spend more time and effort in becoming educated than in living properly, it happens that many, therefor, go astray and bear little or no fruit.

If we were as dilligent in uprooting vices and planting virtues as we are in debating abtruse questions, there would not be so many evils or scandals among us … Certainly, when Judgment Day comes we shall nto be asked what books we have read, but what dees we have done; we shall not be asked how well we have debated, but how devoutly we have lived.

– Thomas A Kempis

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