UT Gardens

Had a few minutes after a meeting today, and decided to stop by the gardens here at UT. Not bad. Was good to take some macro shots again. Perhaps will do video at some point, if I have more time.

San Antonio Botanical Gardens

We spent this weekend in San Antonio for John’s graduation, and our morning entertainment was to head to the Botanical Gardens for a quick walkaround. It was the first time I’d had the macro lens out in quite a while (not counting our trip to the bluebonnets, not posted), and I was perhaps a bit rusty. All in all I was surprisingly pleased with the general facility – while it doesn’t have the size of the Dallas Arboretum, it’s close to being in the same league in terms of landscaping and plant variety. There are, of course, the general staples (pansies, lilies), but also some more unique things (a desert section, and some nice orchids). Definitely worth dropping by if you get a chance.

Full gallery available here.

A breaking D90… that still (sort of) takes pictures

So for those of you who haven’t heard, my D90 is having issues.  Specifically, it seems to be deleting my pictures on the camera with a mind of its own. Over the past week or so, I’ve shot a variety of pictures trying to determine if my camera has an issue, and today I sent it off to Nikon for repairs.  Sigh.  I’ll just have to shoot the D300 for a while, which really isn’t the worst thing one could say.

Anyway, a few shots from the random clickfest.

Frogs and Lizards

I’ve had this video for a while, but I finally got a chance to put it together a few days ago.  More D90 with Nikon 200, but this time of some lizards and frogs instead of just butterflies.  I’ve also got a compilation of this video and the previous one that I’ll post in a couple of days.

One of the more interesting things about this editing process was learning just how fast my new computer is at rendering video – specifically that it will do it almost in real time.  This 2:45 video rendered in almost exactly 3 minutes.  On my laptop that probably would have taken 20-30.  Gotta love technology.


The Amaryllis at the HG are incredible right now – truly an amazing site.  If you’re in the area and get a chance, you should definitely go take a look at them.  Mixture of D90 with Sigma 150 and D300 with Nikon 200.