Europe 2014, Part 1

Over spring break we had the opportunity to head to Europe for a week and a half or so. Below are the first set of shots, all stitched together from multiple images. I’ll have some more conventional shots up hopefully in a few days, along with, at some point, a tutorial talking about how these shots were constructed.

Udvar-Hazy, Part 2

Several years ago, Lisa and I went to Udvar-Hazy and took pictures. A couple of them made my “favorites” gallery, but the rest of them were on a hard drive that died.

Time to remedy the situation.

Also took a fun panoramic, that looked for a moment like I was going to be one picture short. In the end, it came out rather nicely.

HDR Macro, 3.0

Third attempt at some HDR macro shots. I’m not sure whether the effect on these is mostly from the HDR brackets themselves, or the processing that HDR Efex is putting on the images. Either way, I think the technique is interesting.

Gardens of all sorts

Shots from both the UT Gardens and Knoxville Gardens today. Lots of fun stuff to take pictures of this time of year. Also started experimenting with several HDR macro shots, which I think is probably much less common that general HDR shots. Will probably continue experimenting, as the effect can be cool.