in the clutch…

went to a funeral in arkansas today – more on that tomorrow – but one quick thought…

driving 300 miles through east texas in a vehicle with a manual transmission that the clutch has gone out on you… not the top 10 most fun things i’ve ever done.

nursery rhymes of doom

Perhaps one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard – check out NPR’s story on two attack ad voice over specialists.

Someone had the genius to give them some nursery rhymes to read in the ominous attack-ad sort of way. An example:

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. He claimed he could put himself back together again, but after wasting thousands of our tax dollars, all the King’s horses and men, he failed us. Humpty Dumpty: wrong on wall sitting.”

a quick favor…

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apologies for the long haitus. things have been crazy around here on several fronts, but hopefully i can settle back down into a more regular posting routine with the advent of school.

lightroom beta released

for those of you who are photo-nerds, adobe has released the windows beta of Lightroom, their next raw processing software. you can grab a copy of it here.


things have been a little crazy recently with the demise of my laptop comptuer a week ago. i’ve been trying to get it back up to speed, and am slowly making strides.

i promise to have a real post up within the next day or two!

canada, part 6 – the conclusion

our final day in canada was saturday, which we spent hanging around toronto. our first order of business was to see the CN tower, which none of us felt inclined to pay 20 dollars to ride to the top of. after that, we hiked to the eaton center, and split up from there. katie and i travelled back to union station, where we got these shots:

afterward, we met up with a large portion of the group for the best gyros on the planet. out of the chester subway station, we went in search of greek food. we detoured to a tim horton’s where we were the only english speakers in the whole place, save the people behind the counter in order to kill time waiting for the restaurants to open. our patience was rewarded by magnificient greek food at alexandro’s, home of certainly the best gyro and souvlaki i’ve ever eaten. after that, we headed back out to the airport and were on our way home.

Thanks to delays and such, we finally returned to College Station at around 1:15 am, with a little assistance from Starbucks and NPR’s Most Emailed Stories.

it was a fantastic trip, and hopefully a blessing to all. at some point i’ll attempt to post a compendium of pictures from the trip and post the link here.

canada, part 5 – naigara

yesterday was a fantastic birthday, and was our “tourist” day on the trip. first off, thanks to all of you who called or emailed for helping make it an extremely special day.

our day started off rather early with a trip to st. jacobs, a local mennonite village and market. it was a neat little town and a fun market. there was a wide variety of food available for sample. most people tried apple fritters, but i was drawn to the egyptian pastries (quite tasty, i might add). After purchasing some maple syrup that was made earlier this week and some raspberry rhubarb and black currant and crabapple jam, we proceeded on down to downtown st. jacobs.

bell peppers at the outdoor market, st. jacobs

in st. jacobs, we ate at a local mennonite restaurant called the stone crock. there was an all you can eat buffet there that was fairly good. the dressing was without doubt the most dense food i’ve ever eaten. it seemed to grow on your plate. certainly it was exactly what you wanted before a nice afternoon drive…

rainbow at naigara falls

we drove the hour and a half down to naigara falls, which was, as always, very impressive. it was made more impressive by the large amounts of ice at the bottom, frozen over from the winter.

on the way, we made a stop at tim horton’s. i feel this might be an appropriate time to rag on canadian coffee. tim horton’s is basically the canadian equivalent to krispy kreme or dunkin’ donuts. the main difference is that tim horton’s is everywhere. i mean everywhere. think starbucks in america and multiply it by three or so. the canadians love it. i suppose it’s not *that* bad, but out of the three tim horton’s experiences i’ve had, only one has been good, and the one time was when i got apple cider.

first the positive: it’s cheap. really cheap. large cafe mocha for 2.50 (canadian). when measured against a 5 dollar mocha from starbucks, you think you’re getting a great deal. then you watch them make it. there is no espresso used in the process. neither do they use milk. the tim horton’s process of making a mocha is to take some hot chocolate, and pour in drip coffee, at which point we all can see why it only costs 2.50 to make. i think the best way to convey the taste would be to say that it’s very similar to going to an american gas station, filling a cup halfway with the cappucino machines that are there, and then pouring in drip coffee for the other half. clif’s description of “hot chocolate watered down with coffee” is fairly good as well. bottom line: it isn’t a real mocha.

end rant.

naigara falls was beautiful. our group had a great time just looking at the falls. it’s difficult to take in how big they actually are, and how much water is going over them.

group overlooking the falls

katie at the overlook point.

when we came back, most people went over to the toohey’s house to watch the ag’s beat up on syracuse, but some of us decided the day had been long enough and headed home to get some sleep.

today we’ll be working with some of the youth in the local area, and tomorrow we get on a plane to head back to america.

hailey and katie